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7 Mile Miracle Intro

[7 Mile Miracle – Intro]

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly


Imagine this: you’ve just been killed, but have been risen from the dead. You have 40 days left on earth, before you will be gone again. What do you do? Maybe you’d see all your family. Maybe you’d write a book about being risen from the dead. Maybe you’d go do that one thing you’ve always wanted to. Maybe you’d travel.


Jesus actually had this opportunity. After being questioned and beaten and crucified, He rose again. For 40 days. And, He didn’t choose to go to the beach or hang out with all His friends or shout from the rooftops what had happened. Instead, He took a walk. Down an unimportant road, with unimportant people, to an unimportant place. We don’t even get to know the names of both the people He walked with. Scholars don’t even know for sure what town they were headed towards. But still – there is so much to learn from this seemingly unimportant story.

First, we have to make sure we are not looking for the living God in a dead place.


Those people had walked away from Jerusalem, away from the very city God was stirring. In our brokenness, we get really wrapped up in what used to be. The people we used to know. The way things used to be. How things used to feel. When in reality, things that change are just that – changed. We have to turn our focus to the things that the living God is making new. We have to turn our focus onto what is, not what used to be. If we don’t, we’ll probably miss something really great that God is working on.

Second, we have to remember that God is all about the detour.

We, on the other hand, are all about the destination. We spend so much time and energy focused on where we are going, where we are headed, where we dream about ending up. We are so stuck in the destination, but our God is focused on the journey. He hangs out in the dead ends, waiting for us to crash into Him.This is why this mundane story holds such weight. The people on that road were expecting God to be in the dramatic, and that’s now how He operates. He is not found in the fireworks or the suspense or the drama or the clashing of cymbals. Instead, He is found in the details, in the quiet, and in the unimportant. 


So, what can we do? How can we possibly notice God’s presence when he’s in insignificant details? Well, stay on the road. Stay the course, keep moving forward. This is the only way to recognize what He is placing in our paths. This seems easy in theory, but it proves very difficult in practice.


Are we really willing to obey and trust Him without knowing the plan?
Are we really willing to follow and persevere without knowing the outcome?


Faith grows as you go. The more you move, the more you trust. The more you put one foot in front of the other despite fear, the more faith you’ll begin to build. God has incredible things mapped out, and His path is not the most direct. There will be pot holes and construction and stalls and detours. But, pay attention. Because this is where He waits. In the uncertainty, and in the confusion. He waits there for us, walks with us, and is always near. So, follow. Follow Him through the dark, follow Him through the detour, and follow Him all the way Home.



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