Baby Dedications

It is not only a time for you to thank God for your precious gift, but to make a public commitment to Him & to the church that you will model Biblical principals & raise your child according to God’s standards. A dedication & blessing is prayed over the child & the family.

Baby dedications at the Rock do not involve water. We believe that water baptism is meant to take place once a person has expressed their belief in Jesus & want to publicly display that decision. See the info on water baptisms for a more detailed description.

Baby dedications are open to members of the Rock who are in agreement with modeling Biblical principals while raising their child.

Baby Dedications happen on the 2nd Weekend of every other month. They occur in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Baby dedications are appropriate for children 2 years and younger.

We encourage you to invite relatives and friends to this special event.

Cameras will be allowed during the dedication portion of the service.

Please contact if interested in a baby dedication.