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Bob & Audrey Meisner

Five Phases to Applying Faith

Bob & Audrey Meisner

We were blessed this past weekend to have special guests, Bob and Audrey, bring us a great word. They are a couple full of life, love, forgiveness, and hope in the future. We are blessed to have them as part of our extended Rock family. 


Faith is one of those words that gets tossed around in church quite a bit. If you’ve been in a church of any amount of time, you’ve heard of this thing called faith. Faith like a mustard seed, faith for unanswered prayers, faith in giving, faith, faith, faith. But the real question is what? And – actually , practically – how?

What is faith? Well, simply put, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

How can we apply it?

First, choose the outcome. We have to choose to step into alignment with God’s view and opinion of ourselves and others. We have to choose to stay focused on our inheritance in the Kingdom. We actively choose life. We get the opportunity to choose how we want things to go. If we choose life, love, kindness, and joy, then that is what we will likely find.

Second, see what faith looks like in real life. We get to believe and see the best case scenario, because that’s the one Jesus already has for us. We can choose to focus on what’s right with others instead of what’s wrong with them. And, we also get to choose the same for ourselves. We get to choose to see ourselves how Jesus sees us – everything that is right and good. We see His goodness all around us, even though we cannot see His face. That is faith.

Third, believe in our hearts. We don’t have to stay stuck in the lives we want, instead we get to live the lives we deserve. It’s all about creating a harmony between our thoughts and our minds. We have to renew our minds and persuade our hearts about the reality of Heaven. If we believe in His truth and reality in our hearts, that belief (faith) will come pouring out of our hearts into our everyday lives.

Fourth, speak to the situation with the authority of Jesus. We don’t need to assert our rightness. Instead, we have to lay down our “rights” and pick up our responsibility to love. Let love be our motivation and our target. Let love dictate how we enter into situations. And again, we must let ourselves see others as God sees them. This is that redemptive love that Jesus gives to us.

Fifth, don’t doubt. Faith means believing without seeing. Knowing what is right and true and good even when we can’t see it with our eyes. When doubt tries to creep in, just step back into the reality of Jesus. There is nothing God asks us to do that He doesn’t provide for. The beauty is that God does not disqualify. If we have caved into despair and loathing and doubt, God’s love is still present, still available, and still yearning for us. He is relentless in His love, so we must be relentless in our faith.

The truth is the enemy knows our names but calls us by our pasts. The enemy defines us by our mistakes. However, we love a Jesus that is redemptive, that does not disqualify. Our beautiful and forgiving and redemptive Father knows our pasts but calls us by our names. He defines us by His love.