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Bring Honor Back – pt. 1

Bring Honor Back

Pastor Phillip


God deserves our best. Our thankfulness, our praises. God deserves our honor. Honor is something that has become a watered down version of itself. Our world does not lend itself to honor very well. So, we make excuses and we cut corners and honor becomes a choice.

Whether it’s honor in marriages, friendships, families, or even obligations, honor is important. More important than typically thought.

To honor something means to literally pile on and make heavy. When we honor things, we pile on gratitude, time, commitment. We pile on value. We honor what we value.

God saw the death we deserved, He saw the path of destruction we were headed towards, and, instead of letting us sleep in the bed we had made, He took it upon Himself to replace us with His son. He chose our lives over His own. And if that is not deserving of the highest honor, then honor is pointless.

God deserves our honor. He not only deserves it, He desires it. He is hurt when we dishonor Him. Because that’s the depth of His great love. He desires to be put above everything else. To be held sacred. To be loved. To be sought. To be honored.

Our God has done incredible things for us. Even things we may not see yet. We serve a God who is great and magnificent and beautiful and strong and to not honor Him is a mistake.


There’s this misconception that the enemy has placed in our world. The enemy has planted a seed in us that to praise God should be silent. And that no one else should know. But – in Malachi 1:6-13, God asks “what good is your love for me if you don’t express it?”. Afterall, isn’t people hearing it part of the point? While praise should not be designed for others to hear, people knowing what we honor Him is how we lead them to Him, and how He brings them Home.


So, let’s give honor where it is due. Let’s honor our families. Let’s honor our husbands and wives. Let’s honor our children. Let’s honor our friendships. Let’s honor our time. Let’s honor our commitments and obligations. And let all of that honor be reflective of Him – the One who saved us, the One who gave us life, and the One who is yet to come.



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