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Bringing Honor Back – pt.3

Bringing Honor Back [pt. 3]

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly


We’ve learned a lot about honor over the past several weeks. We know that honor is what God demands and requires. We know that the level of honor we give something is equivalent to the amount of value we give it. In the story in Malachi 1:6-13, God is very clear about this. About how important honor is.

One of the things we are promised is that a life of following Jesus will not be easy. We are promised that it will be narrow, that it will be taxing, that people will constantly challenge and push our beliefs. And sometimes, that seems like too much to handle. But – imagine if we just gave more honor in those times. Imagine if, instead of yelling or arguing or being sucked into the drama of it all, we just gave honor. And respect. And kindness.

Honor is something we are called to show, not only to God Himself, but to our brothers and sisters.

And even to those that despise us. This is where things get tricky. We are supposed to love, cherish, and honor people that hate us? People that hurt us? People that mock and laugh at us? But why?

Because honor is something that is given because it is right, not because it is deserved. Often, we think others who hate and hurt us are not deserving of our honor and grace. The thing is – when the word “deserve” starts getting tossed around, our own unworthiness gets highlighted. When Jesus chose to live among us, and then die a brutal death for us, we definitely didn’t deserve that honor. We didn’t deserve that sacrifice, we didn’t deserve that amount of love, but yet, it happened.


It is not up to us to decide someone’s worthiness of honor. Instead, it is up to us to bring honor with us wherever we go. It’s part of what makes people wonder about us. It’s part of what makes people want what we have. The steady, constant, no-strings-attached giving of honor.

Giving honor is much much more than being obedient. It’s not a routine, not a motion, not a hoop we get to jump through on our way to Heaven. Instead, it’s the recognition of what has been done for us through the blood of our Jesus. It’s a way of life. It’s a code we are called to live by. It’s what makes us different from the world. It’s what makes His Light shine. 


“Love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honor.”
[Rom. 12:10]

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