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Can You Hear Me Now?

Pastor Jonathan O’Reilly

Sometimes, we are better speakers than we are listeners. Our fast-paced, screen-focused world makes that even easier. So often, we don’t pay attention. We don’t allow ourselves to be fully immersed in conversation with the people we are with, and the same is true with God. God desires relationship with us, meaning He not only wants to listen to us speak, but He wants to speak to us.

The Bible is filled with stories of people hearing the voice of God. He spoke to Adam and Eve in the garden. He spoke to Moses. He spoke to Ezekiel. He spoke to Job, Jacob, Elijah, Noah, Jonah…the list goes on and on. He even spoke to Samuel when he was just a child.

We know through many of these stories that people didn’t hear right away. Not because God didn’t want to be heard, but because they weren’t paying attention. We have to listen and really hear so we can grow in our understanding of who God is. The most difficult part of hearing is that it takes time and humbleness.

Prepare to hear. We have to position ourselves in a posture to really hear what God is saying. A surrendered heart that is ready to respond is without a doubt the best prerequisite to hearing God clearly.

Submit what you hear. We have to hear God’s voice in community. Others are able to see through the fog of our biases and preferences. Submitting what we’ve heard helps us to answer some questions. Does it align with the Bible? Has it been confirmed by Godly council? Do you have peace about it?

Walk out what you hear. People are always looking for a miracle, but God is looking for maturity. Sometimes, we don’t walk out what God has spoken to us. God is looking for followers who walk out what they hear from Him, whether He’s speaking movement or stillness. Until we are able to hold things in maturity, God will continue giving us time to grow.

Hearing God’s voice does not always come easily. We have to be ready and waiting and in tune with Him. We have to posture ourselves to listen, and be ready to hear through whomever He chooses to use. God has great promises in store for us. He has hope and a future for us, if only we listen and hear.