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Pastor Phillip O’Reilly

In 2 Corinthains, there is a letter written by Paul, urging the church to get back on track and stay the course of discipleship. It is a cry for the church to become a true reflection of Christ, instead of a thinly veiled reproduction. Paul is calling for change.

Paul’s words still ring true. We know that our sufficiency comes only from God, and because of that we are capable of being ministers to the world around us. We know that because of Jesus’ sacrifice, there is glory for all who choose this path. And we know that God’s transformative power far exceeds our own.

We have to realize that we are changed. We do not change ourselves, Jesus does that. However, this doesn’t excuse us from our responsibility to listen. Jesus speaks change into areas of our life, and promises great things that will await us, but we are required to be obedient. We have to be participants in the transformation process.

We, like the church in Corinth, are called to be mirrors, reflecting God’s goodness. God’s love and glory should be evident in our lives, and this is only possible if we allow the transforming power of Grace to change our hearts.

So, we have to allow ourselves to be changed by the great love of Jesus. We have to allow ourselves to be habitual admirers of His goodness so that we, too, may emulate goodness to others. We have to give Jesus full reign over our character so we can live out our walk in a way that sends glory back to Him over and over again.

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