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Compel: A Voice/A Victory

Drew Bridges

The enemy is very real. The lies he speaks have an impact, and the Darkness he brings with him ruin lives. There is a very tangible war on youth happening, and the enemy is behind it all.

But – there is good news. Jesus.

Paul was an incredible disciple of Jesus, and he also had an incredibly hard life. He was shipwrecked, beaten, and jailed numerous times. The enemy had tried time and time again to cause Paul to quit, to break him, to speak untruths into his life.

We have to understand that beaten doesn’t mean broken. Hurt is not permanent, despite how fervently the enemy tells us it is. Paul was beaten over and over again and still, he did not break. He wasn’t some supernatural guy, either. Just a regular guy with a big faith in a warrior God.

We also have to believe in the Promises we have been given. All throughout Paul’s struggles in life, he never stopped believing in the goodness of God. Like Paul, we have to pray and worship, even when (especially when) all hope seems lost.

We have to recognize that every salvation that takes places is actually two. When Paul’s prison doors literally swung wide open, there was a guard who wanted to kill himself. And Paul, instead of running triumphantly through them, stopped to tell the guard about Jesus. Jesus used Paul as a light in the darkness (salvation one), and because of Paul’s obedience was able to save the guard from himself (salvation two).

Even when the enemy starts to speak that we are useless, worthless, and better off dead, remember the words of Jesus. He says we are chosen, not forsaken. He says He is for us. This is how we fight our battles. With prayer, with worship, with community, and with studying the Word. This is how we help Light win.

Friend, you are not in this alone. You have not been forgotten, and you have people in your corner. You were created in Light, and you are beautiful. We see you, Jesus sees you, and you are so so loved.

Feeling overwhemled? Scared? Angry? Thinking about suicide? Reach out. Ask for help. You are not alone. Call the National Suicide Prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255