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Connection [pt. 2]

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly

We know that connecting to God is the first and most important connection we make. Second, the Bible teaches that we have to connect to the body of Christ.

We are not made to do life alone. We are not made to go through the motions all by ourselves. We’re made for connection. Hard wired for interaction and relationship. Set up for reciprocity.

We need each other. We need one another’s gifts and talents. We need different perspective that others offer. We need other people to pray for us and with us, to encourage us, to hold us accountable. We need each other to challenge the lies we tell ourselves, to help us rewrite a narrative that includes grace.

“You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.” [Proverbs 27:17]

Where we are weak, others are strong. Where we are unsure, others can point us back to Christ. Having connection with the right people – with fellow believers on this journey of faith – can sharpen us, lead us, and remind us of whose we are.