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God’s Favorite Letters, part 2

[ER/RE pt. 2]

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly


Since God is such a fan of the redo, this automatically means He is also a fan of the review. God is all for going back and making sure things aren’t missed. He’s all for trying again.

Review usually implies “you didn’t get it quite right the first time, take a look and try again”. It implies we might have missed something the first time around. It implies things might need to be readjusted.

First, re-dig your wells. Back in Isaac’s time, wells were hand dug. Which took a really long time. It was a ton of hard work. You really had to want it to happen. We crave connection, relationship, commitment, safety, and consistency. Those are our “wells”, and, because we are broken, they need review. This can be scary. Sometimes, God says “no, that’s not right. Try again”. It’s daunting. But – God is usually the most surprising when we trust him though it.


Second, re-balance. We have to grow to be balanced and even. They say that biblical truth pushed too far in either direction can become heresy. It can become unbalanced, diluted, and ineffective. Balance is key. We need to be physically, psychologically, relationally, and spiritually balanced.Too much of any one of those, and we’ve missed the target. We’ve lost sight. We’ve become unbalanced.


Third, we get to rejoice! This is where the fun is. After all the redigging and rebalancing and after taking a long, hard look at things, God calls us to rejoice. Afterall, in Romans 5, we are told that suffering produces endurance, and endurance brings joy. We are created, with every fiber, to be joyful. God loves to party. He loves to be able to crank up the music. He loves dancing and celebration. Lucky for us, rejoicing is a step we’re told to take on the road to being the best disciples we can be. 




Lastly, we must return. To God, to His plan, to His kingdom, to His herd. Returning is a natural next step if the redigging, rebalancing, and rejoicing are done correctly. After all that, we can’t help but be hungry for the return. We are told in Job 22:23 to “come back to the Lord Almighty, and He’ll rebuild your life”. Not only do we get to return…we get to return AND get remade.


The thing is, God trusts us enough to demand hard things. He gives us standards to strive for because he knows we are strong. He believes in us and knows that we are capable of greatness.



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