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Heart & Spirit 2018

[Heart & Spirit 2018]


At The Rock, one of our core values is to serve others. Our impact on this world is 100% credited to all the volunteers that work tirelessly to ensure a good experience for everyone who attends the Rock. To celebrate and recognize all these beautiful volunteers, we kicked off this year with an awesome Heart & Spirit event!


“Heart & Spirit” kicked off with The Rock’s own Olympics. Complete with an opening ceremony, presented by “professional” commentators Lucas and Curt, competitors representing several service teams at The Rock competed in 3 rounds of ridiculous, hilarious, and slightly embarrassing events.



During the night, we were blessed to be able to watch videos of life changes that people have experienced as a result of The Rock. We were also honored to be able to present the Heart & Spirit award to Dale and Mary Armstrong for their unending willingness to do whatever is needed. Big things are happening here, and our volunteers are irreplaceable. As Pastor Phillip says, “we are blessed to be a blessing”.


Check out the videos here:

Rock Story – Mallory McKim

Rock Story – Daniel Walker

Rock Story – Blake & Sarah Rudis


Our mission to bring people to the Kingdom would be impossible without all of our volunteers. From front line to the cafe to connect to Rock Kids and nursery to production and beyond, we are proud to be able to set an atmosphere of grace, kindness, and love to everyone who comes through our doors.


So, if you haven’t yet, come check us out! See for yourself what all the fuss is about.