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Keep Climbing

All throughout this series, we’ve been learning how to love well. In the midst of hurt, pain, disappointments, we are called to love like we’ve never been hurt. Because that’s how God loves us. And that’s how we bring Him glory – by loving the people in our worlds.

The thing is, the enemy has made it his personal mission to derail us from being able to love like we’ve never been hurt. He places thoughts in our paths and whispers insecurities to us in an attempt to distract us. But, we have to keep climbing. We have to stay the course.

Where you are is not your final destination. Sometimes, we get so stuck on our situation that it becomes a sentence instead of a season. Like David, we have to understand our destiny – that God is calling us to greater things. We have to fight for that destiny and not settle, no matter how tempting the enemy makes it seem.

Listen to what God is saying. Instead of focusing on what things look like, we have to focus on the words we know to be true. The words God speaks to our hearts, which we can find in His Word, is the only thing that matters. Even though it may look like we are surrounded, we know that we’re surrounded by Him.

Believe what God says is true. More than just listening and hearing His words, we have to believe them. Inside and out, day after day, even when we’re hurting. God says that we are His children (John 1:12), justified and redeemed (Romans 3:24), loved and chosen (1 Thessalonians 1:4), and so much more. We have to be attuned to hear His words and truly take them to heart.

This journey is difficult. It’s messy and hard and sometimes seems impossible. But, we have to keep climbing. Like when David climbed up a gutter to take the city of Jerusalem, we have to keep climbing. On and on and upwards and upwards. Until we are able to love like we’ve never been hurt.