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Look Up – Pastor Shane Baxter

Look Up

Pastor Shane Baxter


In Genesis 15, there is the story of Abram. In this story, Abram (much like us many times) was complaining to God. He was arguing with God. He was telling God that His plan didn’t matter and didn’t make sense, because Abram was missing the one thing he thought he needed – a child.

It’s easy to image God listening to this complaining. Sitting there, arms crossed, patiently waiting for Abram to get it out of his system. Waiting for Abram to take a breath so He could reveal His plan.

And, finally, when Abram stops to listen, God’s response is simple. “Look up.”

God tells Abram to look up at the stars so that he might see something new. Now, Abram has probably looked up at the stars hundreds of times. But, God called him to do it again and see things a little differently. Once Abram believed God, God counted him as righteous.

The thing is, envy, hurt, discouragement, disappointment, and anger are an emeny-made issue. Not a God issue. Sometimes those issues can grow into such a dense fog that we are blocked from looking up, seeing something new, and being changed. God has opportunity for us. He has prosperity and plans and gifts to give. If only we can see through the screen of envy, hurt, discouragement, disappointment, and anger.

If only we can have courage to look up.

We’re reminded in Matthew 19:26 that nothing is impossible with God. Nothing. We just have to pay attention. We have to believe. We have to stop our complaining long enough to taste and see that God is good. Afterall, if we want the new, we have to let go of the old. And the only way to do that is to look up. Pay attention. Trust. Believe. And Follow.