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My Life is a Loaf [Compel]

Compel One Night | Pastor Clayton Baird

When we are hungry, we’ll subject ourselves to being filled with things that don’t satisfy. We don’t often take the time to figure out what our soul really needs before filling it with the things the world says we need. But what we are hungry for and what we need to satisfy is not of this world.

This generation longs to be loved, accepted, and wanted. That’s what the hunger is. The world will never be able to fill those needs for anything more than temporarily. Only Jesus can do that.

There’s this crazy story in Matthew 14. Jesus fed a huge crowd of over 5,000 people with nothing but a little boy’s sack lunch. With that fish and that bread, Jesus was able to satisfy the hunger of a whole crowd.

Jesus took the bread. Just like He chose that particular loaf, He chooses us daily. Way before we were born, we were paid for, and we were chosen. And to go further, He chooses us over and over again, when we break His heart and mess up. God created us, and He has a specific plan and purpose for our lives.

Jesus blessed the bread. All of our gifts and talents are blessings from Him. And He intends for us to use those gifts and talents to bring Him glory. Whether you’re gifted at art or a sport or music or math, God has a plan for that gifting. He has every intention of you utilizing that talent to bring people into His kingdom.

Jesus broke the bread. This one is the hardest to swallow. After the choosing and the blessing, Jesus breaks us. Why? Because the best part is on the inside. Jesus loves us enough to break us, heal what is at the core, and build us back up in even more freedom than we thought possible.

Jesus gave the bread. Jesus has big plans for our lives: to reach the multitudes. To go out into the darkness and spread Light. To influence the people in our spheres. God is all about people, and He’s chosen to use us – broken and blessed – to reach them.

The problem has never been God’s lacking. The problem has never been not enough grace or hope or love. The problem has always been not enough vessels.

God needed a people to be free from 400 years of slavery, so Moses became a vessel and was able to lead them to the promised land. God’s people were facing actual giants that threatened their lives, so David became a vessel and defeated Goliath with a single slingshot. Genocide was looming for God’s believers, so Esther became a vessel and talked her way out of a holy war for an entire people. God needed to send His one and only son to be the savior of the universe, so a teenage Mary became a vessel and birthed the Hope of the World.

You are no different. Be available. Be ready. Ask God to fill you up with his courage and strength. Ask God to break you for a rebuilding that can save people. Allow your life to be a loaf, so that your love for Jesus can reach multitudes. God has amazing things planned for this generation. And we are so proud of you. The Kingdom is in good hands.