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Pastor Phillip O’Reilly


Over and over again in scripture, there are stories of miraculous faith. In spite of circumstances that seem much too big and much too heavy – nevertheless, faith is bright and mindsets are fixed on Jesus.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were rescued from an actual fire. Daniel survived a den filled with real-life lions. David won against a giant. And there are countless more. People having the kind of faith that actually moves mountains. That causes the sick to be healed. That brings peace to lands. All the odds were against them, but nevertheless, they believed. There was tangible danger headed straight towards them, but nevertheless, they had faith. People were quite literally out to get them, but nevertheless, they remained strong.

It’s easy to detach from these stories. We give their years and context more weight than it needs to hold, and in doing so, we take away the realness of these stories. Jesus is all about the miracle. He loves a good surprise. He shows us His grace and majesty so we can gain courage and strength from it.

Following Jesus and His Way requires us to proclaim not only that God is able to deliver us, that He will deliver us. And, when stuck in seemingly impossible situations, we must remember “but if not God…”.


We all know the verse that says “if He is for me, than who is against me?”. The answer is everyone. When we choose to follow God, we immediately put ourselves at odds with our world, our society, and many people in it. The thing that saves us is the knowledge that God is bigger and stronger and more in Love with us than anything else could ever be.

The thing is, He requires us to have a nevertheless attitude. Yes, the world is broken, but nevertheless, I will love my brothers. Yes, the enemy is real, but nevertheless, I will fight for Light. Yes, there are other things trying to steal my attention, but nevertheless, I will remain focused on God. Yes, I have been hurt and told lies, but nevertheless, I will choose to believe in God’s plans for me.

Nevertheless, God will provide and see us through.