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Not Forsaken [part 5]

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly | Finding Freedom

Throughout this series, we have been learning to let God stand in the gap that our earthly fathers created. We’ve been learning how to let God be the father we needed but weren’t able to have due to living in a broken world. And, part of being able to do those things means finding freedom.

How do we find freedom? How do we let go of a lifetime of disappointment? How do we trust that God as our father will heal the hurts of our earthly fathers?

When things get broken, they have to be reset. We can pretend things are fine and that we are totally free, but unless we allow God to stand in the gap and reset our hearts, we will be unable to heal. Only through God’s healing can we find true freedom.

The first step towards claiming the freedom that God has for us is forgiveness. We have to forgive our fathers for their mistakes. We have to let go, and this only happens through acknowledgement. Yes, we’ve been hurt. Yes, we’ve been disappointed. But, yes, we will reflect the forgiveness that God has given us.

The second step towards claiming the freedom that’s waiting for us is to love. The kind of love you can only show from a place of forgiveness. God’s love is perfect. It casts out fear, it erases confusion, it covers inadequacy. If we’re made to be image-bearers of God, then we have to learn to love from a place of freedom.

Our hearts get reset by forgiveness and by love. And through the grace and mercy that God freely gives.