Photography Team

So excited that you signed up for more information on our photography team here at theRock!

I love the photography side of things here. We get a chance to capture really amazing moments in time like baptisms and baby dedications. We also get to help connect people. Since we have started posting weekly happenings on FB, we have had fantastic reach and people have been intrigued by their friend’s posts and have come out to theRock because of it! It’s a great way for us capture the JOY of the moments we see.

I was talking to a new guest the other day who came from a very “shame filled” past at church, where all she felt was pain and hurt growing up in church, and she is so excited about Jesus and church now, because there is so much “joy” here.  LOVE THAT!

so…. you may ask yourself what being on the team may entail.

What we are looking for is:

1. a group of individuals to grab photos at our weekend services and be available at some of our events to help capture those Joy moments.

2. You don’t have to own a camera, we have a great one here…or if you have your own, we can see if that works as well.

3. We will need you to send/post your pics or upload them in a timely manner. We want to grab these moments and get them online quickly so the conversations are able to happen quickly.

We have set the team up so that we have someone serve one weekend a month with the opportunity to serve at events as we have them.

What I need from you is:

1. Let me know if you are interested in joining up in the photography team.

2. What your background/experience is. (Have you photographed before? Do you have some pics we can see? How familiar are you with a camera?)

3. Do you have your own equipment and what kind?

4. Would you have availability one time a month? It can either be Saturdays or Sundays or available for events.

So there you have it. Let me know if you would like to join up!

Photography Team

Get me started!

Ryan Skjervem
Creative Director
The Rock of KC