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The Proving Ground 2.0 – week 1

The Test of Small Things

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly

Our lives are a series of tests. From wellness tests at birth to hearing tests in elementary school to drivers tests to college finals, out lives are measured in tests. Tests often mark the ending of a season, and can come without warning. Which is sometimes why we miss them.

The thing is, until we pass the test that God has laid out before us, we will continue to face it. We don’t get to bypass tests just because we’re afraid or not prepared. The tests will come up, time and time again, until we pass them.

There is one test in particular that often gets overlooked. The test of small things.

Many times, we neglect to find importance in the small things. We view them as meaningless, trivial, and unnoticeable in the eyes of God. We get bored with them, as they don’t come filled with extravagance or majesty. We long for the show of it all. But the Truth is very far from that idea. Instead, the Truth tells us that God values all things, even the small. Especially the small. In fact, God repeatedly uses the small things to test our ability to be faithful in big things. This is the first test.

God looks at how we respond to the small. Do we walk out what we preach in the mundane? Do we give all we have, even when it’s not a lot? Do we live with grateful and joyful hearts? Are we using our small to reach others?

We must always keep our eyes open for God’s smalls. We have to stay vigilant for the tests He sends our way in the form of things that are seemingly insignificant.┬áThis is where persistence pays off. Consistently, routinely, steadily remaining faithful with small. Day in, and day out. So faithful, that God can look at our lives and be pleased. So faithful, that He can trust us with more to help further His Kingdom.