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Questions for God

Pastor Curt Vignery | Pastor Jonathan O’Reilly

Last week, we asked anyone who had a question for God (as everyone does), to submit it. In this message, Pastor Curt and Pastor Jonathan did their best to respond, through prayer, scripture, and counsel. We hope these answers reach you where you are.

Is the Bible still relevant today? Nothing penetrates the heart like the Word of God. The Bible is the divine Word, spoken to the hands that wrote it down. It is everything we need to know about God’s nature and His plans for us. The Bible has to be part of your life for it to be able to do the transformative work it is capable of.

What do I do when it seems like there’s no joy in my season? Joy is always present. One of the great lies that the enemy tells us is that joy is fleeting. But, scripture tells us that joy comes in the mourning. That joy is the final answer. Sometimes, the clouds are too dark and we can’t see joy, but it’s there. Lost your joy? Pray for it to return. Psalm 51:12 is a beautiful example of that. “Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me”.

Is tithing a New Testament doctrine? At The Rock, one of our core beliefs is that we give generously. Jesus calls us to be giving, whether it’s of time or talents or resources. God wants to expand His Kingdom and reach those in the dark, and finances are an important part of that. Your generosity dictates where your heart is headed. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” [Matthew 6:21]. If our treasure is given to missions, to feeding the poor, to reaching people in our world, then our heart is Kingdom ready.

How do I forgive myself when I hurt someone and they are no longer alive to ask for forgiveness? All throughout scripture, we’re told to confess our sins, to bring our iniquities into Light before God. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we are forgiven. That doesn’t mean we are without guilt, but it does mean we are without shame. Things happen, we make mistakes. We hurt people, we hurt God, we break out promises. The good news here is that God chooses us anyway. Put it before God. Ask Him for forgiveness and newness of grace.

What does God want from me? This answer is simpler than most. What does God want from you? You. That’s it. He wants relationship with us. He wants us to want Him. He wants us to trust Him to change us for the better. God loved us and chose us even when we didn’t know Him. When we were broken, He picked us anyway. But He loves us too much to leave us that way. So what does He want? He wants relationship. He wants us to bear fruit. He wants us to praise and dance and love like He intended us to.

Will God really forgive me of my sins? The answer to this question is in who Jesus is. He is the Word, He is grace and truth, He is our protector and our mercies and our savior. He is love. Jesus has never been unclear about His love for us. He chose us when we didn’t choose Him, and He continues to choose us over and over again. There is nothing we can do to be separated from His love after we have accepted Him into our hearts. Our saving is because of His promise, not because of our striving.

We are not experts. We are just believers who are doing their best to understand and teach others about the Jesus we know. God is the one with the answers. God is the clarity we are all seeking in this messy life.

Watch this message here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/357221582