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Redeeming Your Challenge

Pastor Geoff Blithe

We know that a life following Jesus will not be easy. We are well prepared for the trails that wait for the faithful. So, we have to build up ourselves and each other so we can successfully weather the storms.

Choose to trust. This is key in being able to remain all in with Jesus especially in battles we don’t think we can win. Trust is only trust when it doesn’t make sense. Those promises – Hope, a Future – are still true even when we’re walking in darkness. God is good all the time. He hovers over the chaotic waters, He moves in the shadows.

Choose to forgive. “Speak blessing, not cursing, over those who reject and persecute you” [Romans 12:14]. When we choose to hold forgiveness in our hearts, we continue to stay in the place of offense. Part of freedom is forgiveness. And without forgiveness, the hurt bubbles at the surface, interfering with our ability to love our neighbors as we’re called to. Forgiveness doesn’t happen all at once. It’s a process – an every day, on purpose choice to choose freedom.

Choose to keep our eyes on the miracle, and keep moving forward. Challenges lead to breakthrough which lead to miracles. When life gets heavy (because it will), and when people hurt us (because they will), we have to keep our eyes fixed ahead. Focused on Light, tuned into Peace, and clinging to Grace; that’s the only way we make it through the fire.

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