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Run to Stop It

Our world lives in a constant state of Darkness. The harsh reality is that Jesus and His Light are still not illuminating the corners. Darkness still lives there. Still thrives there. Still claims souls there. Everyday, people fall victim to Darkness. And it’s our job as Light carriers to do something about it.

One way Darkness gets a hold of people is through act of human sex trafficking, and the commercial sex industry. Bred from violence, addiction, abuse, and fear, men, women, and children are being lost in the dark Darkness that looms in the underbelly of our world. It is alive and well. Profitable even. Everyday, people right here in Kansas City are sold as property for sex. Every day, people right here in Kansas City lose hope. Everyday, people right here in Kansas CIty fall victim to predators who rape, steal, and destroy in the name of profit.

Human sex trafficking does not take place in a vacuum. It is a direct product of the brokenness of our world. It is a strong and vivid reminder of how far we are from Christ without His Love. It is actively ruining hope, confidence, peace, safety, and the very idea of what Love should be.

This is an uncomfortable topic. It makes us feel uneasy. It is not uplifting or encouraging. The thing is – this world is sad and broken and Dark and does not bend to our ideals. To turn a blind eye to the Darkness in our own backyards would be the opposite of what Jesus very clearly demands from us. He calls us to be warriors for His people. We’re called to be the Light.

Without our devotion to the Light, without our determination to charge forth without fear, without being angry at the wreckage of Darkness, we will never be able to spread Light to the corners of our world that need it most. That thirst for it. That crave it. That will die without it.

Darkness is scary. It is strong and big and soul-crushing. It makes sense to be afraid of it, to run the other direction from it. It makes sense to not want to plunge in head first. The Darkness is the Giant and we are David. But, just like in that story, Darkness has already been beaten. Because, like David, we are equipped with strength. And truth. And boldness. We have the God of all the Heavens on our side. The Alpha, the Omega. The Creator of the Light that is brighter than the Darkness is dark. We can win this fight.

 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power,love and self-discipline.”
-2 Tim. 1:7

The idea of men, women, and children being abused and sold as property should make us uncomfortable. Let it sink in, in all it’s misery. Let it light the fire of Goodness and Strength and Courage in us. Let it make us bold. Let it make us speak up. Let it cause us to rush blindly into the Darkness, charging forth with the cry of a warrior to lift up our brothers and sisters. Because the truth is – we are at war. Whether we choose to fight it or not. 

This is the part that causes all of Heaven to roar, and all of Darkness to run.

We have work to do. It will not be easy and it definitely will not happen quick. But it will happen. We will win, because Light is on our side.

“To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.” – Col. 1:29


Run To Stop It is how the Rock of KC not only raises awareness about this horrendous reality, but financially supports local efforts to end human sex trafficking. 100% of donations are given to organizations that fight this issue day after day, including Exodus Cry, Restoration House, Stop Trafficking Project, and For the Silent. Last year, the Rock of KC raised almost 250,000 dollars. And this year, we are believing for even more. We are going forward knowing that God will provide and guide. For more information about how to join this campaign, visit http://www.runtostopit.com

Watch Russ Tuttle, President of the Stop Trafficking Project, give his message on Break Through by going to https://player.vimeo.com/video/270995336