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Pastor Phillip O’Reilley


There is an unwritten rule in our world that we always must be moving. Molding and evolving and having things that are new. Changing and changing and changing. And while changing and growing and evolving are not inherently bad, sometimes we miss the point. Sometimes we forget about consistency. Sometimes we forget about the same.


Same is persistence. Same is remaining in our Walk. Same is waking up every day and actively choosing to follow Jesus. All day. Every day. However, with the world telling us to be more shiny and less “boring”, we lose sight of the patience and sameness that Jesus longs for us to have. He wants us to want Him to be our routine. He desires us to consistently follow Him. He longs for us the be the same as Him, to remain in Him.


Often we forget that God is not a genie. He does not sit around and wait for us to make requests He can grant. He does not do things quickly and on demand. He is a gardener. He plants, sows, waters, tends, and then, after time has passed, we reap a harvest. And in this waiting – this season of sowing – we have to be faithful that the harvest will come. We have to be consistent in our obedience.


Not all same is created equal. Not all same is fruitful or wise or holds the advancement of the Kingdom. Not all same is biblical, and not all same is what Jesus asks. Jesus asks that we have the same measure with others as He does with us: forgiveness upon grace upon mercy. He desires us to look for the same Jesus all the time: the one who walked on the earth and promised us eternal life. He wants us to believe in the same Lord: the creator and savior. He longs for us to have the same mind: loving people the way He does.

That is the same we are called to. The consistency of our faith that is measured by our love towards others. The persistent pursuit of Jesus and His will for our live. The steadfastness to the routine on the way to miraculous things.