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Strike the Ground

Strike the Ground

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly


We are given a life. We don’t know how long it will be, but it’s ours. And, as Followers, we are called to live it the very best we can. We are called to point everything back to love. Back to hope. Back to Him. We just have to focus. To keep up the good fight. To hold nothing back. To strike the ground.

God has big, huge, scary, wonderful plans for our time here. He has hearts that need touched, lives that need spoken into, and wounds that need healed with love. It’s up to us to continue, day after day, to search for His truth, and to spread it like wildfire.

Often we get weary of this. We get tired of following His plans and not getting the results we think we deserve. We get tired, and we get lazy. We give up. We think we know best. The idea that we know better than the God of the universe sounds ridiculous, written here in black and white. But it’s a thought that many of us have had. We think we know better. So we stop following, we stop living with Love, and we do it our way. 

Sometimes, we even become angry with God for our hardships. We get frustrated that things are taking “too long”. We complain because here we are, in the trenches of life, and it seems that God has forgotten about us. This only happens when we’ve forgotten whose we are. We’ve forgotten what we were designed to be: warriors.

Instead of thriving to be placed in peace, delight in the fact that He chose us to be in a land of war where we can bring the peace. We are His peace bearers. And what a great, important, wonderful task to have been given.

If we give up because we are tired or frustrated or angry or confused, we are not doing our jobs. We are called to strike, and strike, and strike again. To go make new arrows when we run out. And to strike those, again and again. As long as we are breathing. To never stop, to never surrender to this world, and to never give up.

“Now pick up the other arrows,” said Elisha. He picked them up. Then he said to the king of Israel, “Strike the ground.”    [2 Kings 13:18]