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Strike the Ground

Strike the Ground

Pastor Phillip O’Reilley


“Average is always a safe choice, and it is the most dangerous choice you can make.” -Erwin McManus

We are all hoarders. We hoard our money and our love and our friendship and our grace and our understanding and our energy. We save things up for rainy days, for hard times, or just because we feel more comfortable that way. We wait for brighter days, we wait for tomorrow, we wait and we wait. We hoard and we hoard. But the truth is – we are not promised tomorrow.

So what if all the hoarding and all the waiting we’re doing leads no where? What if it’s all for nothing?

This life is the only one we get. Instead of that being a cliche that’s only used in movies, let’s make it the lens that we see everything through. This life is the only one we’ve got, so let’s give a little more patience. A little more time. A little more money. A little more purpose. A little more grace.

So often the waiting and the hoarding are just walls of comfort that we build up around ourselves. We tell ourselves that tomorrow we’ll be more kind or more open. Tomorrow we’ll tell that person we love them. Tomorrow we’ll finally start chasing after our God dreams. 

Instead of waiting and saving and keeping things to ourselves, we are called by a God of generosity to give everything. To spend it all, say it all, give it all. We are called to leave it all on the mat. To save nothing for return. To focus on the here and now, not the if and then. We can’t get jaded and allow disappointment and hurt to put a damper on our faith. We must continue to light our torches, even after the world blows them out. Time and time again.

We must pull arrow after arrow after arrow until we are called Home. We must not grow weary or complacent.


Instead, we strike. With peace and love and courage. With kindness and hope and Light. As long as we are able. As long as we have breath in our lungs and strength in our bones. Again and again and again.

When we are called Home, we can go in peace knowing that we used every arrow. That we did not give up, even if we faltered. That we left everything here. That we left this world a little more Light and a little more hope than before.