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The Mother Who Persevered

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly

Mothers are important. All throughout the Bible, mothers are the glue that holds people together. Mothers – who act in grace and walk in love like the ones Jesus knew – matter.

There is this one story in the Word about this mother who had a daughter who was demon possessed. The story in Matthew 15 talks about how the mother sought Jesus to heal her. This mother was told to go away by the disciples, and Jesus himself didn’t answer her the first time. But nonetheless, she continued to press in and continued to ask until she got healing for her child. She was a mother who persevered.

She went to the right person. When trouble was brewing and the enemy had a hold on her daughter, she didn’t sit around and complain. She didn’t seek out the worldly opinions of others, she didn’t post on a message board, she didn’t wallow. Instead, she relied on Jesus’ wisdom. She got up, left the house, and went to put her trust in the only One who could heal.

She would not be overcome by discouragement. She was told a bunch of times to get lost. The disciples even asked Jesus to just say something meaningless to her so she’d leave them alone. She could have very well taken the hint and just gone back home to be defeated. But, she didn’t. She continued to ask, she continued to try, and she refused to let hopelessness set in.

She persisted in the right way. Because she went to the right person. She prayed and cried out “Lord, help me!” (Matthew 15:25). She depended on Jesus for healing, for restoration. She knew that she was in over her head and needed the ultimate Healer. And so, she asked. She worshiped it and prayed it and declared it to anyone who would listen.

This mother had faith that could move mountains, that could heal the sick, that could mend the broken. This mother persisted. This mother fought for her children and, ultimately, for the Kingdom.

Mothers, you are strong. You are warriors. You are determined and passionate and graceful and lovely. And we would be lost without your wisdom and your guidance. Thank you for teaching us how to persevere.