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It’s Time To Run [pt. 1]

It’s Time To Run [pt. 1]

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly


This world moves quickly. From one thing to the next, our attention and our focus are constantly finding new things to chase. Relationships, careers, wealth, success – all these things we are “supposed” to be running after. But, our God calls us to run after something very different. He calls us to run after Him. Not only does He call us to run, He calls us to run right now. Not tomorrow, not when we’ve done this and that, not when we are “ready”, but now.

It’s time to run.

As fast as the world tells us to run into worldly things, we must run into God. Into His name, His sufficiency, His eternity, His love.

His name is our fortress, our high tower. In His name, there is love and grace and mercy and forgiveness. In His name, we are made clean and we are made pure. His name is all we need to cause the enemy to flee. His name is our protector and our salvation.

His sufficiency is enough. He has invited us to seek shelter under His wings of security, to run into His unending abundance. If we run into his sufficiency, His provision will cover us.

His eternity is our salvation. He has gone before and He goes ahead. He is Jehovah, the existing One. All along, He is revealing Himself through the beauty of this world, through the beauty of others, and through the expansion of His promises.

His love is our banner. When we run into this Love, we are enveloped in warmth, in peace. With His great Love as our shield, the enemy will have no choice but to flee. His Love is our rod and our staff. Our loving shepherd leads us in Love. We have nothing to fear, because Love is on our side.

You see, there will come a time when it is too late to run. There will come a time when we are out of time to choose God. So, let us run. With arms open and hearts full, let us run into Him. Into His kindness and His light. Into His kingdom, where He waits for us.