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It’s Time to Run – pt.4

It’s Time to Run [pt. 4]

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly

How can we keep moving forward in Christ when the world constantly tries to hold us back? How can we stay on the path when there are hurdles popping up out of thin air? How can we stay the course, persevere, and continue on until we reach the finish line? How can we keep running this race?

We know that it is important to keep moving – to press on, to stay focused – but this is not nearly as easy as it seems. Hebrews 12:1-3 tells us that we have to “strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up”. These verses also speak words of perseverance, courage, endurance. Of not giving up. Of not growing weary.

But, let’s be honest. Sometimes weariness is heavy. Sometimes it sneaks up on us, and all the sudden we are exhausted with the weight of following Him. However, for every ounce of weariness, there are new opportunities to experience grace.

So, how do we stay on track?

Remember we are not alone. There is an army of angels that have gone before us in this walk, and they’re rooting for us. They’re cheering us on as we follow Holy Spirit down the path of resistance. There truly are more for us than against us. There are more walking with us than getting in our way. We are not alone.

Throw off sin that entangles. Just like a sprinter can’t run if his shoes are untied, we cannot run into the life God has for us if we are twisted up in sin we have failed to recognize. If we become passive and, worse, fixated on things of this world, we will get lost, we will get hurt, and we will not be able to run as we were intended. If we are really committed to running this race, there is no room for negotiation here.

Keep our eyes on the prize. This prize makes it possible for us to hop over those hurdles and shrug off that sin. It makes us able to continue running without growing weary. This prize is worth everything. Because this prize isn’t a what, it’s a who: Jesus is the prize. As long as our hearts and minds are fixed on Jesus, we will not be disappointed. We will not be chasing an idea. Instead, we’ll be running into Victory.

We must consider His endurance. We can run this race not by our own strength, but by His strength alone. If it were solely up to us, we’d probably have thrown in the towel a while ago. Even though our problems pale in comparison to the problems that Jesus faced, never did He surrender or stop running. Never did He give in, grow weary, or give up. Not. One Time. The good news here is that He’s downloaded His endurance for us to use on this race until we are called Home.

This is how we keep moving forward. This is how we dodge hurdles and stay the course. This is how we persevere. This race is our calling, our reason. Running into Jesus – His name, His mercy, His unending grace – is what matters. The time is now.