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Following the resurrection of Jesus, we spend a lot of energy focusing on the celebratory nature of our Savior. We dance, worship, rejoice. But, sometimes, we forget what it actually means.

His death was not just a once a done type of event in our journey. It’s not a silver bullet, a magic wand, a fast pass to eternal life. Instead, it’s our jumping off point. There are things we need to do in order to truly glorify His sacrifice. And unless we do these things, His death does not mean what it should.

Unless there is a death, there is no resurrection. Jesus had to die, physically, to be resurrected. Now, He isn’t calling us to physically die every day. Instead, we are called to die to the things of this world. We have to die to judgement, to anger, to bitterness, to lust, to greed. We have to consciously choose to lay all of that down.

Unless we die, we abide alone. Until we can die to things that tie us to this world instead of Heaven, we will end up lonely. If we hold onto hurt, we will not be able to find Love like He intended it here on earth. Without forgiveness, bitterness is all that’s left.

Unless we repent, we will perish. These are not easy words to read, but they’re true. We are told more than once that if we do not turn from our sins and put our trust in Jesus, we will not have eternal life. Our faith calls us to the narrow road, away from the herd. And unless we choose to follow this path, we won’t be able to meet our Savior face to face.

Unless God is enough, no one or no thing will be enough. Until we die to this world and put our Love for God ahead of everything, we will not be able to live our lives as they were intended.

We have to live unafraid of death. We have to die to hurt. We have to choose, every day, to pick up our crosses and follow the example of our Jesus.

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