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Week 7: Reunion


Pastor Phillip


After Jesus exclaimed “it is finished”, and paid for our sins in full, he said something else that often times gets overlooked.

Father, into your hands I commit my spirit”.


Even in His dying moment, Jesus was filled with complete and uninterrupted trust. Trust in God’s provision, God’s plan, and an unmatched willingness to follow. This is the ultimate fulfillment of God’s Way, and of a prophecy from the Old Testament. In Psalm 31, David writes “But I trust in you, LordI say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands”. 

Jesus knew that without trust, there could be no intimacy, no closeness to God. Relationship with God requires both trust nurtured by intimacy, and intimacy nurtured by trust. And from moments before His death, he continues to teach us how to have relationship with God.


Jesus is setting a model for us. Teaching us how to be like Him. Even near to death, He continues to guide us. To lead us. TO mold us. Because He paid our way, because he bore the suffering that we deserved, He brought us to a place to be near to God. So that we would have nothing, not even sin, separate us from His love. To be able to call the God of the universe “father”.

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We are lucky because our destiny is not a place, it is a person. And Jesus made it abundantly clear to us how important we are to Him. The Way has already been paved. It is laid out for us. Our path is never promised to be easy, but the fact that it’s possible at all is something to rejoice. He made the way. He is the way. And because of his sacrifice, we don’t have to be lost anymore.


“Jesus paid it all,
all to Him I owe
Death had left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow”


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