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When God Sighed

When God Sighed

Pastor Phillip O’Reilly

Somewhere along the way, we got caught up in the notion that if we want to be able to communicate with God, we have to be eloquent. The thought that God will not listen unless our words are pretty. Unless we speak in monologue. Unless we know all the right phrases to use.

But the truth of the matter is that none of that is true. Sometimes, there are no words. Sometimes, our hearts and minds cannot make sense of what we are going through, of what we need, of what we are praying for. And since God is the master of seeing through filters, we shouldn’t try to pretend we have words. Instead, we can sigh.

People think that Jesus always knew exactly what to say. And yes, Jesus spoke with authority and taught straight from the heart of God. But sometimes, even He was lost for words. There are plenty of stories in the Bible that Jesus did not have words. So, instead, he sighed. In Mark 8, verse 11 it says that “He sighed deeply in His spirit”.

We can stop trying to impress God. We don’t have to live under the pressure of sounding “right”. We can allow our hearts to rest, relax, and sigh before the Father. We can allow our guards to drop, and in doing so, we allow ourselves to truly hear God. We can draw ourselves closer to His heart by not getting distressed about words.¬†We cannot be worried about finding the pretty words, the ones that sound like wind chimes, the ones that roll right off the tongue, the ones that convey false confidence.

God speaks to encourage, to affirm, to lead, to heal, to love. If we can sigh before Jesus, and accept what we don’t know, we can be ready to hear. And, if we give God’s voice the space in our hearts that trying to find the right words takes up, we will have room for His encouragement, affirmation, leadership, healing, and, ultimately, Love.

So, let us bow with humility to God. Let us come to our knees and admit we don’t know what to say. Let us sigh, and let us hear the words of God in our sighing.