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We recognize that marriage can be difficult, filled with ups and downs, trials and struggles, but we also believe that marriage can be incredible, filled with love and joy. Unfortunately in our current culture many are struggling in their marriage more than they are celebrating. This is why we have a team of marriage mentors who believe in you and your marriage. They are ready to walk with you in whatever marital season you are in. Because the truth is, we are not meant to do life alone. We need community. We need friends and we need mentorship.

Marriage mentoring is the process of having a seasoned and experienced couple (nobody said anything about being “perfect”) come alongside a less experienced couple to help show them ways to navigate marriage, to give them tools and resources to enhance their life together. 
Does it work? 82% of couples report wanting to have a mentor couple walk with them. Second, research shows that couples who have marriage mentors are happier and healthier. Enough said. It works. 

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First, everyone needs counsel. Even the most successful people have recognized the value and true worth of seeking solid counsel. The out dated stigma of “going to see a counselor” is not only harmful, but also limits the growth of even the most healthy of individuals. 
If you need counseling for your marriage or relationships, beyond our marriage mentors, we have a list of recommended professionals. If you would like to connect with a Pastor on staff at the Rock of KC please email our Connections and Family Pastor at



So you’re getting married–congratulations! We’d love to help you get this exciting season of life started off right. Fill out the form below and we will contact you within 72 hours with your next step.

Wedding at the Rock

So you're getting married--congratulations! We'd love to help you get this exciting season of life started off right. Fill out the form below and we will contact you within 72 hours with your next step.


  1. A completed “Request for Pre-marital counseling” form must be received no later than 12 weeks prior to wedding date.
  2. The next step will be to meet with a member of our Pastoral Ministries staff for an initial Pre-Marital Counseling meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for both parties to become acquainted, discuss personal background, family history, life experience, and for the Pastor to share the biblical basis for Christian marriage, and to lay out the expectations and requirements for our pre-marital counseling ministry.
  3. At the conclusion of the meeting, the decision will be made as to whether or not both parties will move forward with premarital counseling at the Rock of KC. Approval or non-approval of the pre-marriage counseling could be determined by the counseling pastor at the time of the meeting or within 24 hours following by either party. 
  4. All couples desiring to be married by a member of the Rock Pastoral Staff must successfully complete our Pre-Marital counseling ministry before the officiating minister can conduct the wedding ceremony.
  5. Pre-Marital Counseling sessions at the Rock are led by staff Pastors or trained and qualified marriage mentors. The scheduling and format of the Pre-Marital Counseling sessions will be determined by the counseling pastor or marriage mentors. We require at least (5) counseling sessions prior to any marriage. Our goal is to have 6 counseling sessions – at least 4 of which are before the wedding. And we strongly encourage at least 2 additional sessions during the first year of marriage.
  6. In order to receive pre-marital counseling at the Rock of KC, either the counseling pastor will be officiating your wedding or another staff Pastor (at the Rock or off-site). If you are desiring another person outside of the Rock to officiate your wedding, it will be subject to the approval of the counseling pastor / marriage mentors. Any other arrangements must be approved by the counseling pastor.


Believing that marriage is a holy and sacred gift from God, it is our desire that couples approach marriage according to biblical standards and in a way that is pleasing to God. In this regard, the Rock of KC Pastors and Marriage mentors reserve the right to decline officiating a wedding if couples do not agree with the “engagement covenant” which includes the following:

  1. A Covenant Of Belief—Believing that God has intended Christians to marry Christians, we require that both the bride and groom individually have come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and have made a commitment of their lives to Him. (1 Corinthians 6:14-16; Romans 10:9-10)
  2. A Covenant Of Purity—Believing that the sexual relationship has been designed and intended only for the marriage relationship, we ask that you agree to abstain from any sexual relationship until you are officially married to one another. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and 8:1-13)
  3. A Covenant Of Faithfulness—Believing that the church is used by God to strengthen your marriage, we ask that you find a place of involvement in church and pursue a lifestyle of faithfulness. (Hebrews 10:19-25)

Pastoral Staff / Marriage Mentors Honoraria

We love being a part of weddings for people in the church. Compensation simply recognizes the time, energy, and expense to those involved. In many cases, the participants are missing the bulk of their weekend with their own families. Further, as you will see above, the pastors, and or key leaders of Rock, will be investing a notable amount of their time over the course of 5-8 pre- and post-wedding counseling sessions.

The fees suggested below are if your wedding location is within a 30-minute driving distance of the Rock of KC. If your wedding is further away, you will be responsible to cover officiants travel expenses, such as: hotel, fuel, flight (if applicable), and food in addition to the officiant fee.*

Pastoral Officiant: $250*
*Fees for officiant are due to the officiant 7 days before the wedding date.

Marriage Mentors / Counseling Pastor: $250**
**Fees for Pre-Marital Counseling are as follows: 1/2 up front. 1/2 before the final session.

Checks should be made out directly to the people involved, not to the church.

If these fees will be a severe hardship, we are willing to work with you to determine a more feasible amount. To help determine the validity of the hardship, additional information about your wedding expenses may be requested (such as catering, photography, transportation, flowers, etc.).